Custom Solutions

Tailored to your products

We also develop and manufacture specific odour absorbing solutions according to our customers' needs.

Products that can benefit from Odegon technology include all types of apparel and footwear, headwear, sports equipment, personal safety equipment, hosiery, underwear, pet products and household appliances to name just a few.

Odegon technology diagram

Do you have a product which could benefit from Odegon Technology?

We have an experienced research and development team who use sophisticated UK-based production facilities and laboratories to ensure our customers receive the best service. We understand the pressure of introducing new innovations so wherever your production facilities are based in the world, we will ensure your staff are educated in how to integrate our technology correctly and in a cost effective manner.

If you think you have a product that could benefit from OdegonĀ® technology, we would like to hear from you so please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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