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Umbro includes innovative odour destroying technology in new Pro Training jacket range

Umbro includes innovative odour destroying technology in new Pro Training jacket range

Mar 30

International sportswear and football equipment giant Umbro is the first global sports brand to integrate Odegon protection, a technology that traps and destroys underarm odour molecules, into a clothing range. 

Odegon DeoTags® have been incorporated into three jackets from Umbro's Pro Training range, which are used by professional athletes and footballers across the world. 

The small fabric tags, which use micro technology to attract and destroy the molecules responsible for body odour (BO), are discreetly integrated into the underarm area of the training jackets, offering a unique solution to unwanted smells caused by sweating during sports and exercise. The tags remain in place for the lifetime of the jacket and retain their odour capturing capabilities wash after wash.

Unlike deodorants and modern clothing treatments such as nanosilver, which is a biocide and subject to product labelling regulations, Odegon is chemical-free, odourless, inert, non-allergenic and environmentally-friendly.

Robin Dunn, head of apparel at Umbro said, “We are always looking for innovative ways to enhance our performance product and Odegon's DeoTag technology offers a clear benefit to athletes.”  

Steve Rawlings, CEO of Odegon says, “It is clear that odour is a big issue for those who play sports, both recreationally and professionally, and it was apparent to us early on that DeoTags have a key part to play in the sportswear industry.”

“We are really pleased to announce that Umbro is the first global sportswear manufacturer to incorporate our technology and we are seeing our products beginning to get noticed in this sector as manufacturers identify the added value they offer consumers with very low additional manufacturing costs,” he says.

The surface area of the DeoTags' ‘active' inner material comprises multiple peaks and troughs, which, if stretched out would equal the dimensions of a full size tennis court. Polarised molecules from BO are absorbed and permanently trapped within the material's structures until the garment is cleaned, either by hand or machine, and the odour molecules are flushed out.

In addition to Odegon being incorporated into a number of manufacturers' clothing lines, the company has also developed retail products based on the technology. Odegon's DeoSole®, a stick on, discreet pad, using the same technology to eliminate odour in shoes, has been sold through Boots, Aldi and independent footwear retailers throughout the UK.

- Umbro includes innovative odour destroying technology in new Pro Training jacket range