Odegon Products are the only inert, non-allergenic, odourless, long lasting, environmentally friendly solution to body odour.

Not only that, they are free from chemicals and have no fragrance.

If you want instant, effective and reliable odour controlor just peace of mind, try our Odegon products.

About us

Odegon Technologies is a technical fabric innovator Headquartered in the United Kingdom. We primarily design and develop products that utilise nano-material technology for absorbing Odours.

We are actively seeking, from around the Globe, established importing, marketing and distribution companies with a proven track record to promote and distribute our products to a variety of industries and markets. Please contact us if you want to discuss working with us.

Our dedicated team of researchers use a variety of cutting edge techniques to carefully select optimum materials for complete performance.

Odegon Products utilise a special nano-porous material that traps odour molecules, using a completely chemical free and inert intermolecular force. Named after its discoverer the Dutch scientist Van der Waals, ‘Van der Waals force’ can be seen in action when a Gecko Lizard effortlessly climbs a pane of glass.

When passed through the technical fabric, the odour molecules are removed leaving fresh, clean smelling air.

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