Deodorising Technology

Ideal for footwear

About DeoSole®

DeoSole has arrived and it's set to revolutionise the foot and shoe deodorising market. One of those ‘at last’ products, DeoSole is unlike any other product of its kind. These discreet shoe inserts go beyond mere odour masking. Our revolutionary International Patent Pending product dynamically destroys odour, using unique micro-porous technology.

DeoSole can be fitted into footwear any time and any place with no need to trim to fit! The discreet peel-and-stick shoe inserts absorb and neutralise odour instantly and efficiently.

DeoSole is odourless and can be used on sensitive skin. The air cushioned patches are self-adhesive and unlike other products, do not require trimming to size. They can be used in any type of footwear, including trainers, and will continue working for weeks.


Features & Benefits

No fuss - just peel and place!
Stops odour for up to 8 weeks
Instant anti-bacterial action
Ideal for all types of footwear

Are you a retailer or footcare supplier?

Odegon DeoSole has already been significantly well received, with substantial orders from major high street chains. This is a new product sales opportunity not to be missed. If you are a retailer who would like to stock DeoSole, or a footcare supplier who would like to sell DeoSole under your own brand...

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"The patches which I have used on my running shirts seem to have worked really well and have survived washing with no mishaps at all.

"The shoe patches are brilliant too. I don’t normally have an issue with foot odour but there were two particular pairs of shoes that did, having fitted these patches, the problem has cleared up."

- Mr A.B, England

"Just a quick email to tell you about how brilliant your trainer tags are.

"My 17 year old son purchased some new shoes and within days of wearing them, to put it bluntly, they were so bad they smelt like manure. We  found ourselves having to leave them outside over night as they made his bedroom smell so bad. Then I remembered the trainer tags I have, I popped one in each shoe and amazingly the smell has virtually gone, he can even leave them in his bedroom now.

"I would never have believed that they worked so well, you need to promote them more as they are great! "

- Global buyer for a multi-national retail chemist