The Science & Testing


It Traps Odour...

With roots in military protection, the technology in Odegon products is based on a special type of nano-porous material that traps odour molecules using a completely inert, chemical-free process. As a result of the Van der Waals force, odour molecules are trapped and retained leaving nothing but fresh smelling air.

Van der Waals (named after the Dutch scientist Johannes Diderik van der Waals) is a short range intermolecular force found throughout nature and is very effective at trapping odour causing molecules. Our nano-porous carbon-based material utilises this novel property to great effect as illustrated below.

The Technical Bit

Odegon® can be cleaned

Interesting facts about Odegon®

Odegon works on a molecular level in order to trap odour
Each square inch of Odegon material has an internal surface area equivalent to the size of a tennis court
Odegon material is the same as that used in protective gas masks for the defence industry
Odegon uses the same technology as that used in various industries to remove chemicals from the air
Odegon technology captures odour molecules with the help of the Van Der Waals force
Odegon technology is the same as that used in space suit construction to allow for extravehicular activity

Thorough Testing

We understand testing is vital and real life performance must stand up to scrutiny. That's why our testing regime covers a variety of different approaches (copies available on approach.)