Deodorising Technology

Ideal for luggage

About DeoPacĀ®

DeoPac is a fabric and can be incorporated into any type of luggage, hand, or sports bag during the manufacture process to prevent odours from escaping. The fabric technology is unique and works due to air movement which happens every time the bag is moved. Even if the air is static, when the bag is picked up the internal air will start to move causing the DeoPac fabric to react and absorb odour molecules.

A fantastic solution for the end client who is always on the go, living out of suitcases, luggage bags or even sports bags. Even a small strip in handbags or a briefcase will increase longevity to the bag.

DeoPac is the only non-allergenic, odourless, long lasting, environmentally friendly fabric solution for bag odours. Not only that, but they are also free from chemicals and have no fragrance. If you want permanent, effective and reliable odour control, choose DeoPac.

Odegon works on a molecular level in order to trap odour
Odegon uses the same technology as that used in various industries to remove chemicals from the air
Each square inch of Odegon material has an internal surface area equivalent to the size of a tennis court
Odegon material is the same as that used in protective gas masks for the defence industry
Odegon technology captures odour molecules with the help of the Van Der Waals force
Odegon technology is the same as that used in space suit construction to allow for extravehicular activity