Deodorising Technology

Ideal for garments

Deodorising Technology

Ideal for garments

Deodorising Technology

Ideal for garments

About DeoTagĀ®

Odegon DeoTag is a revolutionary new product that uses an ultra-porous technology to absorb body odour molecules. These DeoTags can be discreetly integrated into clothing during manufacture. A single tag has the equivalent surface area of a tennis court and limitless active functionality, absorbing odour regardless of washing or dry cleaning.

Biocidial chemical additives are probably the closest option to Odegon products, but they have huge disadvantages in terms of limited life span, regulatory restrictions and enviromental concerns, and they are not ideal for all garments.

DeoTag is the only non-allergenic, odourless, long lasting, environmentally friendly solution to body odour. Not only that, they are free from chemicals and have no fragrance. If you want permanent, instant, effective and reliable odour control or just peace of mind, choose Odegon DeoTag.

Can be washed
Works for the lifetime of the garment
Instant odour capture
Ideal for almost all garment types
Safe for the enviroment & chemical-free


"I've been using the stick-on patches in my cycling jacket. Despite having good zip vents, I found that it only took a week of use for the jacket to start smelling a little unpleasant. Having stuck the tags inside the underarm vents, the smell is practically negligible.

"I think if my jacket had come with the tags already inside, there would never have been an odour problem. I can certainly say that they are a cost-effective and simple solution to a very common problem for cyclists."

- Ms C.I, London

"The patches which I have used on my running shirts seem to have worked really well and have survived washing with no mishaps at all.

"The shoe patches are brilliant too. I don't normally have an issue with foot odour but there were two particular pairs of shoes that did, having fitted these patches, the problem has cleared up."

- Mr A.B, England

"I would score the tags a 10 out of 10 - really pleased with them and have recommended them to friends."

- Mrs Z.U, London

"Definitely 10 out of 10. The tags are great! I totally got rid of my very uncomfortable deodorant! thanks a lot, really! I just wish they could be sold in my country..."

- Mr P.G, Brazil

"I'm happy to give an opinion about Odegon tags. I do not need to wash my sweaters every time I wear them anymore. I'll buy it again very soon to wear with my T-shirts on the summer time. Thank you to Odegon tags it works 5 stars."

- Ms M.J, Portugal

"I gave the first shirt the hard test of comfort and use by wearing it on an international flight. I did not notice them at all - in fact totally forgot I had put them in - so 10 for comfort. it's hard to stay "fresh" while traveling especially on long flights and they do work in this respect - so 10 I should say I'm a textile technologist!"

- Mr M.H, New York USA

"I've been very impressed by how well they work! I'm a lawyer, so I'm frequently wearing dry-clean-only suits in high-stress situations, and Odegon has been a great discovery."

- Ms K.D, USA

"I wore the shirt for 17 hours yesterday. Of that, eight hours was in Chennai, with a jacket over it. While I did not sweat profusely at any time, it was fairly humid. At the end of the 17 hours, there was absolutely no body odour, and the shirt felt fresh. Definitely a good start. Will wear it again after a wash..."

- Anonymous Executive, M&S India