Union Flag Invented and Made in the UK. Patents Applied For.

Applying Deo-Bin

Odegon Deo-Bin is an Odour Destroying Bin Patch incorporating a unique carbon laminate with innovative odour neutralising technology, offering up to 8 weeks protection against bin odour.

  • Instant odour capture
  • Suitable for all indoor bins
  • Easy peel and place
  • Chemical free, no perfume, no smell, odour neutral

Food Waste Bin Pedal Bin

Invented and made in the UK. Patents applied for.

Features & Benefits

No fuss - just peel and place!
Stops odour for up to 8 weeks or longer
Odour-neutral and chemical-free
Suitable for all indoor bins

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Good morning! Thank you once again for sending me the samples I have thoroughly enjoyed them. I have one in my food bin and one in my main bin and I can honestly say they have dramatically made a difference to any odours that were previously present. My food bin like most food bins gets filled up quite quickly and I was finding it was beginning to smell, since I popped one of the odegon patches in the lid of the bin about a week or so ago I haven’t experienced any of the previous smells. I would definitely recommend the patches to anyone who is having any bin related issues.

Many thanks, Cleaningcorner

- Cleaning Corner

...If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting the product to work. I have tried various different bin powders over the years, but I find that they just mask the smell for just a short time. I was very surprised to find that this new product actually worked. The Deo-Bin absorbed the bin smells, and I wasn’t hit in the face with nasty smells when I opened the lid. I could still smell rubbish but it wasn’t a nasty smell and I had to stick my head in the bin to actually smell it. I was very impressed with this product.

- Mrs D’s Cleaning Reviews

- Mrs D’s Cleaning Reviews

...When I opened the packet I did wonder how one small sticky square would eliminate odours from the bin BUT it really does! I stuck the patch on which is small and discreet the bin lid and thought lets see what happens! My bin is by my Aga so has to be changed regularly anyway as the heat near a bin doesn't mix!! However these little patches work WONDERS and relaly trap smells! I 100% would recommend these and will 100% be buying more! They are small, discreet, and really work!!

- Hinchyourhome

I really rate them, thank you so much for letting me try!

- cleanwithlucy

Wow!! I am super impressed with these. I put one in yesterday, about the time I’d change the bag when it begins to smell, usually only half full as well. It started working literally straight away! I seriously cannot believe how amazon something like this is. It’s an absolute game changer. Thanks again @odegontechnologies

- organising.mylife

They destroy and eliminate bad smells from your bin without them being scented which I really like and they are also chemical free!

- cleaningwithamy

I have been using odegon in my bins for about 3 weeks now and I can honestly say I can tell the difference in having them. We all know bins can become smelly places overtime especially food bins but I haven’t experienced any unpleasant smells since I placed my odegon patches in them, I would highly recommend them to my followers and my friends/family in my day to day life. I hope to see odegon in shops so they are more easily accessible.

- cleaningcorner follow on review

I’ve been trying these for a few weeks, you pop them under the bin lid to keep odours at bay! I have to say they work great!

- abiscleaningspace

I absolutely love my DeoBin…such a fantastic product. I’m so pleased I got the opportunity to review it!

- (2nd review)

Who knew a small carbon laminate would neutralised bin odours….I have been using my DeoBin for eight weeks now and my bin does not have any nasty smells or odours coming from it. I use to change my bin bag every couple of days due to previous smells and odours, now I only have to change my bin bag once it is full. This is a fantastic product that actually works and does not mask the smells and odours, it really does make them disappear like magic. I highly recommend this product. Well done and keep up the good work.

- Paul Hunt @paulhunt007 – Men Can Clean Too

I have now been using Deobin for a month or so and cannot notice any smell around the bin. The product is easy to use and install.

- thetidyguy

I have been using my Deobin for a couple of weeks now, and I can honestly say it makes such a difference! I can no longer smell dirty nappies in the bin from my toddler, food smells have minimised dramatically so I no longer have to panic when someone comes round that all they can smell is my bin! All in all this is a fantastic product that I would definitely buy again!

- jadedukes

I received a pack of these a few months back and I’m still using the original pad. Really does work and keeps stinks at bay. Very impressed and will purchase again. Also cruelty free!

- Cleaninglover