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Odegon's DeoTags pass another test with flying colours!

Odegon's DeoTags pass another test with flying colours!

Apr 10

Vartest Laboratories Inc. in New York recently completed testing Odegon's odour absorbing DeoTags in accordance with ISO 17299-2 ‘Determination of Deodorant Property, Detector Tube Method' and the results are in!

The chemical tested was Ammonia and the Odour Reduction Method was an incredible 98% successful which just reinforces how effective our technology is.

These results compliment testing already carried out including in-situation wearer trials and various lab tests using isovaleric acid (strong cheesy feet odour) and butyric acid (unpleasant smell found in body odour and stink bombs).

Tom Rawlings, Director of Odegon Technologies says “Another test and another convincing result for our technology. We now have the full range of testing proving efficacy in lab conditions both before and after washing and dry cleaning, the all-important ‘in situation' wearer testing and of course great feedback from our clients.” He goes on to say “Odegon is superior to anti-microbial products that claim to tackle odour because our technology works in the real world and not just under ideal lab conditions. It doesn't wash out and harm the environment when washed into the water table, and most importantly it does not kill helpful bacteria indiscriminately on the skin and damage the local microbiome.”

More product launches are set for 2017 in the uniform, sportswear and retail high street areas so keep checking in for updates.

- Odegon's DeoTags pass another test with flying colours!